virtual private network

when you cant access a site or service online you can use a vpn in hopes that , that network can access it…
vpn’s are a connection from your computer to a private network, once connected to this network all of your internet request go thru that network so it seems like you are actually at that networks location..

so you could sign up for things like say you live in the us and you want to join an ico but due to regs the ico is not taking us customers. this is where the vpn comes in handy. most vpn services have multiple location options, meaning you can choose say uk. you would then be connected thru a server in uk and the ico will alow you to register…

make sure to remove cookies for site you are trying to connect to before connecting vpn, once vpn is connected then you can go to the site. sometimes antivirus software will mess things up so keep that in mind if you have any problems..
just go to google and search vpn service or click here and you find many options to choose from…..

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